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Learn By Doing

At Jesus Family Academy, hands-on learning experiences are essential for students to understand and retain the material they are studying truly. Our classrooms are designed to be interactive, engaging environments where students can put what they have learned into practice. Our teachers strive to create a dynamic learning atmosphere that inspires students to participate actively in their education. By learning by doing, our students develop critical thinking skills, build confidence, and foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Beyond the Books

At Jesus Family Academy, we believe in the power of hands-on learning and real-world experiences. We understand that students learn best when actively engaged in their education, and our curriculum reflects this philosophy. By incorporating interactive activities, field trips, and other immersive experiences into our lessons, we are able to provide students with a well-rounded education that goes beyond the books. Whether exploring the natural world or simply learning through play, our students are consistently challenged and inspired to reach their full potential.

Tuition and Registration Fees

* Additionally, we offer tuition fee discounts for various categories such as siblings from the same family, children of pastors, and other special cases on a case-by-case basis.


How To Register Your Child?

The process of registering your child at Jesus Family Academy is easy and straightforward. It involves the following three steps:

Call For Inquiry

(201) 432-9156

Mail For Inquiry



Submit Online Application: Complete the form to provide info about the child and family.


Schedule a Tour: Book a visit to see our campus, meet our admissions team, and learn about our curriculum and programs.


Complete Enrollment: Submit the necessary forms and pay the tuition fee to complete enrollment. The admissions team is available for any questions.



Academic Departments

At Jesus Family Academy, we offer a well-rounded education through our academic departments.



The Abeka Bible curriculum provides the students with a strong overview of the Bible stories and unveils the Gospel message through interactive lessons, Bible memory, and an emphasis on developing strong character.


Reading & Writing

The Abeka Language curriculum covers areas in reading, writing, and phonics. Abeka excels in developing strong foundations in phonemic awareness and accelerates students into reading. With a focus on phonics and grammar, as well as creative writing and critical thinking, students develop a love for language and a lifelong appreciation for the written word.


Our curriculum focuses on developing critical thinking, logical reasoning, and real-world application of mathematical concepts. Through hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and meaningful assessments, we aim to engage students in a fun and effective learning experience that fosters a love for mathematics and prepares them for future academic success.


Our curriculum covers various subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Students actively participate in hands-on experiments and inquiry-based learning and explore God’s creation. Through a biblical lens, our teachers instill a love for science and foster critical thinking skills for future success.


The history department focuses on teaching students a comprehensive understanding of the world and American history, including key events, influential figures, and historical perspectives. To instill a love for history, we strive to make the past come alive for our students through engaging and interactive lessons that bring history to life.

Extra Curricular Programs

Our school offers a variety of extra-curricular programs designed to enhance our students’ overall learning experience and provide opportunities for growth and development outside of the classroom.


Young Musicians

Our Young Musicians program allows students to develop their musical skills and creativity. Whether learning to play an instrument or singing in the choir, our program aims to nurture and inspire a love for music in each student.

Math & Science Club

The club offers hands-on projects, experiments, and other fun learning activities designed to make math and science interesting and accessible. It provides a supportive and engaging environment where students can work together, challenge, and learn in new and exciting ways.

Physical Activity

At Jesus Family Academy, we understand the importance of incorporating physical activity into our students’ daily routines. That’s why we offer a variety of sports programs and physical education classes to encourage our students to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Art & Design

Our art and design program allows students to explore their creative side and express themselves in new and innovative ways. From drawing and painting to graphic design and fashion, students can develop their artistic skills and techniques in a supportive and inspiring environment.

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